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6 Things to love about tile

Covering your floors in durable, stylish ceramic or porcelain tile is a decision that will affect how you feel about your room for years to come. That's why Metro Flooring carries the largest selection of floor tile in San Diego. There are many things to love about ceramic tile.

1. Cost. Tile is affordable. Although it usually is priced within the range of other hard-surface flooring materials, tile – unlike its alternative- is a permanent floor. So, it won't have to be replaced every few years as other types of flooring might. Tile is available at a wide variety of price points. However, unlike other floor coverings, a low price for a particular tile does not necessarily indicate that it will yield low end performance. Generally speaking even the least expensive ceramic tile will perform well over many, many years. So why upgrade? The most important reason to upgrade a selection is to choose a tile that ideally suits the customer's criteria for design (form) and purpose.
Tile Floor Advantages | San Diego CA
Tile Floor Advantages | San Diego CA
2. Resist effects of foot traffic. High traffic areas such as entryways and hallways are ideally suited for ceramic tile. So if your clients are concerned about the damaging effects of foot traffic, virtually any ceramic floor is an ideal choice for their homes.

3. Stands up to dirt, stains and chemicals. Tiles smooth hygienic surface yields two important benefits. Ease of cleaning, and ease of maintaining hygienic conditions. How easy? Tile requires only sweeping or vacuuming and mopping to maintain its appearance. The glaze on ceramic tile will never wear off or be compromised by exposure to household chemicals, is impervious to staining and soiling. Tile glazes that feature multiple colors and multiple gloss levels hide dust and soil extremely well. Finally tile will not absorb smoke, odors, grease, bacteria, or germs.

4. Improves indoor air quality. If your customers are sick and tired of breathing in the dust mites, dirt, bacteria and other allergens that are often harbored in alternative floor coverings, they should consider tiling more areas of their homes. Tile does not hold in nor give off allergens. By using ceramic tile, indoor air pollution can be reduced.

5. Cool to the touch. Tile will always feel cool to bare feet because the tile is at room temperature. If the temperature in the room is 68 Fahrenheit which is 30 cooler than the human body temperature. In warm summer months a nice cool floor is a big advantage. In the winter, a small area rug can be placed where people go barefoot.

6. Easy to repair. Any tile installation is intended to provide years of problem-free use and enjoyment. Today's ceramic tile resists chipping, wearing and cracking. However in the rare instance when a tile becomes cracked or damaged, you can replace individual tiles.