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A Truly All-Encompassing Carpet

Are you looking for a carpet that goes above and beyond the call of duty, across the board? If so, then we would like to direct your attention to SmartStrand? Naturals by Mohawk. At Metro Flooring, we are proud to carry such a product, as it so aptly meets so many needs, and we?d love for you to stop by our San Diego, CA showroom, to experience it in person. Not only will you get to feel how elegantly soft it is, but you can quickly reference the many colors and styles that it comes in as well.

Not many carpets are made with the variety of benefits you?ll find in SmartStrand? Naturals. When homeowners are asked about their primary concerns with carpet, the things most often referenced are softness, style, environmental friendliness, durability, and stain resistance. With that in mind, SmartStrand Natural was created.

Made from DuPont Sorona fiber, you?ll find such features as plush thickness, geometric patterns, and Berber styles, just to name a few. Additionally, more than 60 colors are available in this line, so matching an existing decor pattern, or creating an entirely new one, is completely possible.

True softness is a very sought-after attribute, and you?ll find it in SmartStrand Naturals. It is most often long, loose piles that offer the softest feel, but you?ll be amazed at the softness you?ll get from even shorter loop piles in this product line. Created with softness in mind, it really shows in the finished product.

With warranties offering up to 25 years of protection, durability isn?t something you?ll have to worry about. You?ll find this carpet offers excellent resistance against fading and wear, but even tends to hold its texture retention as well. In fact, many of Mohawk?s products have lasted beyond their offered warranties, so the outlook for this one is excellent as well.

Created with more than 30% corn glucose, these carpets are incredibly friendly to the environment, using fewer chemicals, and therefore eliminating a great deal of VOC off-gassing. These carpets even take less energy to make, which also aides the environment and thus, your conscious as well.

For more information on SmartStrand Naturals, be sure to stop in and visit us at Metro Flooring.