Most of those who watch the local San Diego housing news already know that prices of homes have increased significantly over the last few years. They may also know that few people are able to qualify for mortgages, unless those applicants have great paying jobs. All this has led to what some are calling a housing gap. A recent story gave some insight this:

“The housing affordability gap in San Diego is among the highest in California, with the average household shelling out 35 percent of their income for housing, and one-quarter of the population spending half of their income on rent. Recently, ULI San Diego/Tijuana brought together multifamily housing experts with local government and community leaders to discuss creative ways to increase workforce-housing stock.”


For many people who already own their homes, they are staying put. At least, for the time being. Of these, many are opting to put money into their current home as a way of increasing its market resale value. Installing SmartStrand™ Naturals from Mohawk is just one of the many ways new flooring can help homeowners achieve their goals.

Most experts agree that installing new, high-quality flooring can add value to a home. The key here, however, is high-quality. The new Mohawk line of SmartStrand Naturals certainly fits into that category. At Metro Flooring in San Diego, we have a great selection of this carpet line, and many of our customers are turning to it when they need new flooring for their homes.

This line of Mohawk carpet is special in many ways. For starters, it is perhaps one of the most stain-resistant carpets on the market today. Mohawk developed its SmartStrand fiber brand with its stain-resistant abilities fused right into the fibers, not just sprayed on as most companies do. Because the formula is within the fibers, it cannot be washed away, and it provides protection for much, much longer. This fiber brand is so unique that it, literally, has to be seen to be believed. There is really nothing like it on the market today.

If you would like to see for yourself just how amazing this carpet is, come by our Metro Flooring showroom in San Diego and let our staff show you what “stain resistant” really means. We are confident that once you see the SmartStrand Naturals line, you will be impressed.