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Make the smart choice with SmartStrand Silk

Carpet is a favorite among homeowners all over the country, and there are many reasons for that loyalty, especially with SmartStrand Silk. For instance, some love the fact that with an extensive selection of solid colors, styles, and patterns, you can easily match any decor element in the home. Others appreciate the little added benefits that all stack up to mean big things for the home. It has an excellent lifespan when correctly installed, and has become a leader in durability as well. But the thing that makes this floor covering one of the most well-loved is the fact it combines all these benefits into one wonderful material.

Metro Flooring has plenty of floor coverings as well as excellent service, so you can rest assured you?re going to leave our San Diego, CA showroom perfectly satisfied. We not only strive for complete satisfaction, but we believe in treating our customers just like family. When you bring us your flooring project, we?ll get right to work matching you with perfect materials, services, and more so that your experience is nothing short of top notch. Be sure to stop in at your convenience so that we can get your very own project underway.

SmartStrand Silk isn?t like all the others

While most carpet is quite alike, SmartStrand Silk?makes some promises not just any carpet can make. For instance, this is by far the softest carpet you could find. With three times more silk-like strands per fiber, it easily beats the next closest nylon flooring competitor. That softness is an excellent surface for tiny feet, knees, and hands, making toddlers happier and more comfortable than hard surface flooring. It also creates a more stable surface on which to walk for fewer falls and injuries related to falling.

For stain protection, SmartStrand Silk builds stain resistance into every fiber. Spills like mustard, red wine, and tons of other stain-causing substances might make it to your flooring, but it will never soak into the fibers themselves. Your carpet will look and smell cleaner because it is. And when it comes times to have these carpets professionally cleaned, you?ll see how much quicker the job is completed.