Mohawk carpet - San Diego, CA

Replacing Weather Damaged Carpet? Consider SmartStrand Silk

Some of our customers have come into our showroom looking for replacement carpeting, asking us about SmartStrand? Silk, and if it can deliver all that it promises. The answer is: Yes! This new fiber line from Mohawk is, perhaps, one of the very best carpet lines in the world today, and for good reasons. If you are not familiar with the SmartStrand fiber line, you should look into it before you buy any other carpet line. Here are a few facts about this remarkable line of carpeting:

As you know, many areas in our city flooded during the last few days, and for some homeowners, that means getting new flooring to replace damaged flooring. Those who come to our showroom, located in San Diego, can see the wonders that the SmartStrand Silk provides. The first benefit that you get with this line of carpeting is that it is very water resistant. Mohawk has tested their SmartStrand line of carpeting over and over, and the results have been impressive, to say the least.

The second benefit that homeowners get when they choose this fiber line is stain-resistance that families will appreciate. This line of carpeting can resist just about any type of fluid that is spilled onto it. Liquids such as wine, mustard, kid's drinks, etc simply roll off the fibers, making it very easy to clean up with simple dry cloths.

The reason liquids roll off the SmartStrand Silk carpet is because the fibers are infused with Mohawk's stain-resisting formula; not just sprayed onto the fibers as many other companies do. And, this leads us to the next benefit.

Carpeting that has sprayed on stain resisting chemicals are stiff and not soft to the touch. Mohawk has solved this problem. The SmartStrand Silk line is very soft and comfortable, making it perfect for homes that have kids, and any home that demands soft, luxurious carpeting.

If this current strange weather has caused damage to your flooring, we invite you to visit with Metro Flooring in San Diego. We have a great line of quality flooring, including the new SmartStrand Silk line from Mohawk.