Many times, adding carpet to your home can mean taking many extra precautions for the material, but with SmartStrand Silk, you won't have so much to worry about. This material provides some of the most stunning appearances available in carpet, but it's also packed with benefits that make it much easier to live on these floors too. Great for high traffic areas and homes with pets and children, you'll find they last longer and look better doing it. You should take the time to get a little more familiar with this floor covering today.

Metro Flooring has an excellent reputation for making our customers feel like family. It's not every day you can walk into a flooring store and get personalized service like that, but that's exactly what you'll find at our San Francisco showroom. Our associates know exactly how to get to the root of your need and will stop at nothing to see you satisfied with your flooring of choice. Come in today to find out how we can get things started for you, a step that brings you even closer to your dream flooring.

SmartStrand Silk is easily the softest available carpet on the flooring market. With more than double the number of strands per fiber, this is a benefit you'll easily feel for yourself the moment you touch the amazing surface of this flooring. What's more, it's the best possible solution for nurseries and living rooms, where tiny feet, knees, and hands will be a common factor. Even if it's just you and your spouse, you'll still appreciate the softness this floor brings, which is simply luxurious, no matter where you have it installed.

The true nature of a carpet, however, comes out in the benefits and longevity it offers. SmartStrand Silk has stain protection built into the fibers, which not only means you never have to apply a stain protectant separately, but you'll also likely never see another permanent stain. Since spills have no opportunity to seep in and soak into the fiber, your floors will look and smell better much longer than a normal carpet.