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SmartStrand Silk is an Easy Carpet Choice

In carpet, the concerns held by most homeowners include staining, durability, and softness, to name the most common. These concerns are held either because they have had carpet in the past that has behaved poorly, or they?ve heard from someone else who has. The good news that addresses all these concerns in one product is SmartStrand? Silk, by Mohawk.

Styles in this particular product line are relatively large, and can range from incredibly thick styles that are plush and luxurious, to cut and loop patterns that come in a variety of options. You won?t have to worry that this product will become outdated too soon, as many collections contain plenty of contemporary options. The color selection in SmartStrand Silk is also great, offering plenty that will allow you to easily match your existing decor.

Only the finest carpet strands are used in creating this material, and you?ll find that to be true when you feel how much softer these pieces are than many traditional fibers. While the style you choose will have somewhat to do with the overall softness, you?ll find longer piles that are relatively loose, to be absolutely the softest available.

The problem with most carpeting today is that ?soft? usually means that performance has been reduced. The good news here is that SmartStrand Silk offers excellent performance. With amazing resilience, Mohawk has warranties averaging 15-25 years in terms of retention of texture, resistance to fading, and guarantee against abrasive wear. These claims have even been tested in some of the most extenuating circumstances, to include being installed in the enclosure of a rhinoceros for two weeks and being placed at the Tough Mudder obstacle course finish line.

For the eco-friendly consumer, you?ll be interested to know that this carpet has been called ?corn carpet? , with 37% of the carpet made from corn glucose, instead of the petroleum ingredients that are normally used. With fewer chemicals, you won?t have to worry about off-gassing, which can be an excellent option for those sensitive to such factors. It even requires much less energy to produce the product, than those counterparts made of nylon.