Vinyl Fergus Plank Leahmaneh offered by Elite Distributors at Metro Flooring

Vinyl or Laminate - The Great Debate

Maybe your neighbor boasts about their vinyl but you are unsure. Both are a great alternative to engineered hardwood or tile because they handle the busy lifestyle better. They are more scratch resistant than hardwood and look better than tile. But what?s the di?erence? Here are a few things you should consider because neither product wins across all categories. It depends on what matters most to you.

Venus Plank Ezra Oak Venus Plank is a laminate o?ffered in a variety of colors, 13 to be exact. O?ffered by Elite Flooring Distributors.

Venus Plank Ezra Oak, Venus Plank Lincoln Oak, and Venus Plank Andrew Oak

Laminate is 3-5 times more scratch resistant than wood. Vinyl is 2-3 times more scratch resistant than wood. Both hold up nicely. You can have higher expectations than on a hardwood floor.

A lot of new laminates have waterproof edges they are designed to handle moisture better. Vinyl is better than laminate because its waterproof top, bottom and all edges. Not all laminates are great for bathrooms and kitchens where there is moisture. Some are waterproof but others are water-resistant. If you like to clean with a wet mop you may want to consider vinyl. Laminate has a wood-based core. If it comes into contact with water at the seams or edges it will soak lip the water and distort the plank. Vinyl however is completely waterproof because it has a plastic core.

Vinyl Fergus Plank Leahmaneh offered by Elite Distributors
Vinyl Fergus Plank Leahmaneh offered by Elite Distributors

If you have a noise sensitivity, vinyl is quieter because it has a denser core. However, because both floors are floating there is noise when you walk on them. Laminate tends to have a more hollow or click-clack sound.

Vinyl is more comfortable. It has a balance of firmness and ?give,? meaning it springs a bit when you walk on it. Vinyl has more flexibility than laminate which is more sturdy.?

Vinyl - Genoa Meraux and Laminate - Carnegie Plessur offered by Elite Flooring Distributors.

Manufacturers have worked hard to make vinyl and laminate look real with colors, patterns and texture. Most have great visuals and people cannot tell them apart. Usually the deciding factor comes down to personal style and price.

When it comes to hard surfaces laminate and vinyl are both a?ordable choices. But if we are talking about price of material, laminate wins in that category. There are high-quality laminates that are less expensive than medium-quality vinyl.

This all might sound kind of confusing so why not come in and see a professional design consultant and get all your questions answered? All our laminates are high-quality water resistant, and the vinyls are waterproof. We have so many styles, you can bet we have the right one for you. You may just need a little help with selection and that?s what we do best here at Metro Flooring.