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Always a Favorite, SmartStrand Naturals Makes Carpeting Even Better!

An important part of marketing is to understand supply and demand. After all, the greatest and flashiest marketing won?t make something happen unless there?s a need and desire for it in the market. We suspect that?s what happened when fast-food giant McDonald?s brought their beloved Szechuan sauce into several locations, for one day only: by Monica Garske.

People stood in line for this cult favorite but, sadly, some still missed out on getting their favorite sauce.

Well, it?s like that with SmartStrand? Naturals. While carpet has always been the number #1 favorite among people, Mohawk found a way to improve it even more, and in San Diego, you can get SmartStrand Naturals at Metro Flooring.

Smartstrand Naturals addresses some of the most commonly asked questions, such as:

1. Is it durable? SmartStrand Naturals is a fiber created from DuPont, the same company that invented nylon which was, for years, considered the toughest fiber for the carpet. Mohawk feels so strongly about the strength of the SmartStrand fiber, it created ?The Mohawk Challenge,? laying it in some of the most extreme places imaginable, like the rhinoceros cage at a zoo. Mohawk also backs up its claims with 15-25- year warranties, regarding texture retention, abrasive wear, and fade resistance.
2. Is it stain-resistant? Part of the challenge; they?d invite people to pour red wine, mustard, bleach, etc. and, at the end of the day, they?d wipe the carpet with only warm water. The nanotechnology, which protects it from stain and soil, is built into the fiber. It doesn?t just get sprayed on, so it is permanent. That gives SmartStrand Naturals a lifetime stain and soil warranty.
3. Is it stylish? The carpet is plusher and softer than many others. The offering includes over 60 colors in many patterns, including geometric cut and loop and several Berber patterns, so it will fit into any environment.
4. Will environmentalists like this? Rather than using petroleum-based products, SmartStrand Naturals is made with corn glucose, which means fewer chemicals and off-gassing VOCs. The production also consumes less energy than nylon.

Come into Metro Flooring and check out SmartStrand Naturals. We?re in San Diego, next to the Pyramid. (PS-- we stock large inventories of other flooring types, as well.)