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Can SmartStrand Silk Carpet Make My Place Look Bigger?

No matter the home, there's always that one room that we wish was a tiny bit bigger. Though you can't physically enlarge a room, at least not without major renovations, there are indeed ways to achieve the sense of a larger space. Well chosen decor elements, like SmartStrand? Silk carpet, can serve to enlarge any place visually. Whether you decide on a designated carpet section, or a full wall-to-wall redo, selecting the best carpet can recreate your space. Stop by our Metro flooring showroom, located in San Diego, CA, or read through our guide for some helpful advice on redesigning a space for a more noticeable visual impact.

Make a Statement with Wall-to-Wall
Visually-speaking, wall-to-wall SmartStrand Silk carpeting creates a remarkable continuity throughout a room, thus providing the place with a noticeable sense of openness. When you have varying floor surfaces throughout an area, it distracts the eye, causing it to stop and start repeatedly. In contrast, wall-to-wall carpets give an impression of continuation, all because your eyes don't pause along different colored flooring surfaces.

The Lighter the Tone, the Brighter the Space
While most homeowners understand the effects of light versus dark, or white versus black, there's no need to choose the brightest shade of white for every detail henceforth. Simply keep in mind that lighter colors do visually expand a place, and that's because it allows sunlight to reflect off of surfaces.

Match the Pattern Size to the Room Size
If you'd like to have a patterned SmartStrand Silk carpet, make sure to choose a pattern size that doesn't overpower your small room. In the end, you'll need a small pattern for a small space, as larger designs only work in bigger places. However, if you've decided to add only a section of carpeting to a room that has some wood flooring or detailing, medium-sized patterns could work, but do mind not to add too many elements as to stifle the environment.