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Choose a carpet that feels like silk beneath your feet with SmartStrand Silk

No matter what you?re looking for while searching for the perfect carpet, one thing is for sure. You want the softest underfoot feel possible. The good news is that it?s completely possible with SmartStrand Silk by Mohawk. It?s the perfect material, as well, when you?re looking for something that?s durable, easy to maintain, and easy to incorporate into your current design motifs and decor.
The reason this material is so luxurious in terms of feel is that each stand is comprised of more than 700 silk-like fibers. That?s more than twice the number in a regular competitor?s strand and that really makes a big difference. The problem many homeowners run into is that in the past, one had to give up the idea of excellent durability if they chose the softer carpet. That?s not the case with SmartStrand Silk.
With this floor covering, durability is just another built-in feature you can look forward to. Mohawk manufactured amazing stain-fighting power into those same strands that deliver that amazing softness so you really can have the best of both worlds. This has never been truer than for those homes with pets and children in them. Accidents, spills, and messes are going to happen, of that, we can be sure. It only makes sense to be well-prepared for them when they do.
With the excellent combination of softness and durability, you can expect a convenient lifespan from SmartStrand Silk as well. For the absolute best results, be sure you take advantage of professional installation. Special tools and a nice level of expertise are necessary components of a successful installation, and we wouldn?t want you to suffer any negative consequences by utilizing a lesser service.
When you visit Metro Flooring at our San Diego, CA showroom facility, we?ll be happy to give you even more information about SmartStrand Silk carpeting, how you can benefit from it, and why it?s really the best choice in our showroom. We focus on complete customer satisfaction, with some of the best products and services, and we make sure to treat you with the honesty, integrity, and professionalism you deserve for such an important shopping experience. Let us know how we can assist you today.