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Does Your Carpet Have Energy?

What? How can a carpet have energy? Easy-peasy, if anything is the best, they have to work at it. That takes energy.

At Metro Flooring, we like to be the best, and we carry SmartStrand Silk carpet. It?s the energizer bunny when it comes to being the best because it features:

? Luxury and softness. In fact, it?s the softest carpet you?ll ever walk on. Go ahead; sink your toes into it and you?ll find it incredibly plush and downy. The carpet is made with made with DuPont Sorona, a PTT polymer known as triexta, a silk-like fiber that is completely uncrushable and will never get matted down.

The natural theme is carried through the line with soft colors inspired by Mother Earth, including soft shades of white, cream, taupe and blue, with patterns influenced by Mediterranean architecture.

? Durability: Isn?t it ironic that the softest fiber is also the toughest and most stain-resistant? SmartStrand? Silk can stand up to the most extreme conditions so it most certainly will stand up to your home--kids, pets, heavy foot traffic and all.

The manufacturer, Mohawk, made sure of it by putting it in a rhino cage at the Birmingham Zoo for two weeks. Max, a 4500-pound rhino stomped all over it and created all kinds of messes. At the end of two weeks the carpet was just hosed off with warm water. Voila! It was good as new.

That still wasn?t enough proof for Mohawk, though, so they put it to two more tests. One, a very messy party with spilled ketchup, mustard and wine, etc., and another in a very muddy outdoor space for a marathon. Same result, no problem!

? Eco-friendly. One of the best advantages of SmartStrand Silk is that it?s often called the "corn carpet,? because 37 percent of it is made from corn glucose, as opposed to the typical petroleum ingredients.

SmartStrand Silk requires less energy to produce than nylon. That?s pretty kind to the environment.

SmartStrand Silk also has fewer chemicals in the carpet, and fewer chemicals out of the carpet, mean fewer off-gassing VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), resulting in better indoor air quality and fewer triggers for allergies, asthma and environmental sensitivities.

Come into Metro Flooring in San Diego, so our flooring experts can show you the fabulous SmartStrand Silk carpet.