Mohawk Carpet - San Diego, CA

Find SmartStrand Naturals at Metro Flooring in San Diego, CA

If you live in San Diego and have been looking for SmartStrand? Naturals from Mohawk, but finding it difficult to find a flooring store that carries a good selection, we invite you to visit with us at Metro Flooring. When you visit our San Diego showroom, you will find a huge selection of brand-name flooring, and that includes SmartStrand Naturals.

If you are not familiar with the SmartStrand line of carpeting, we would like to tell you a few things about it. All of the carpeting under the SmartStrand line has been fanatically tested against staining. When Mohawk developed this line, they wanted to create the most stain-resistant carpet on earth, and, many agree that they did just that. There are, in fact, videos on this line of carpet online that shows just how great it is when exposed to some of the most imaginative ways to stain a carpet. Must see videos for anyone who does not know how powerful these carpets are against staining. Spilled wine, kid's drinks, mustard, and foods are all repealed and easily wiped up, without leaving behind a stain. Now, this is something to know about!

Under the SmartStrand Naturals line, homeowners can get all this stain fighting ability with coloring that comes straight out of nature. You will find a wonderful array of browns, beige, greens, and other soothing colors. This line is perfect for homes with active kids and pets, and homes that want a unique d?cor. To be honest, the best way to truly appreciate this carpet is to see it for yourself, and you can do so with a visit to our showroom.

If you would like to learn more about SmartStrand Naturals, come by the Metro Flooring showroom in San Diego, and let us tell you all about this remarkable line of carpet flooring.