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Four Great Places To Use COREtec Waterproof Flooring

At Metro Flooring, we often talk with homeowners who wonder where precisely they can place COREtec?waterproof flooring. While some people are convinced this surfacing material can only be installed in specific areas, others may not even be aware that it even exists! Our San Diego, CA showroom experts came up with some helpful information in the hopes of clarifying certain misconceptions about this surfacing. So, let's take several moments to discuss 4 great places to use these planks to give you some fresh, new ideas for your upcoming reno.

The Bathroom Or Powder Room

As you undoubtedly know already, bathrooms and powder rooms see a lot of water spillage and liquidy accidents. If your household includes young children, then your life probably involves quite a few wet mishaps! From bath time to brushing teeth, you'll certainly be on the hunt for a hard surfacing that can withstand even the messiest toddler. Luckily, you can definitely install COREtec waterproof flooring in your bathroom or powder room, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by how water simply beads off the surface!

The Mudroom

Mudrooms are typically transition rooms between either the garage or backyard and the main section of your home. If you have little ones who love making a mess in the yard, be it running through the sprinkler or making soupy mud puddles, then you know how important it is to install hard surfacing that can withstand a gaggle of bathing suit clad kids intent on mischief and mayhem. Protect this part of the home to avoid some headache inducing cleaning sessions.?

The Entryway

Though it may not experience water spillage every single day of the year in our section of the country, the entryway does sometimes see moisture or muck. Keep in mind that, even though we seldom get rain, it?s always a good idea to get COREtec waterproof flooring for this area of the house to protect your home from possible mishaps. Unwanted tracks from gardening in the front yard or wet dog paw prints from a swim at the lake may result in damaged surfacing, if you?re not careful. As such, we do recommend homeowners add mats to reduce the chance of dust, dirt, and grease throughout the home.?

The Playroom

Perhaps, you didn't think the playroom was a messy location. But, let's be honest and think about how many spills have occurred in that section of the house! With kids around, you can never be too relaxed, and you'll indeed require a surfacing material that can handle even the harshest of Kool-Aid spills. COREtec waterproof flooring is actually the ideal type of surfacing for rooms where you, honestly, aren't really sure what's going to happen to the planks!