Get to Know SmartStrand? Silk Carpeting from Metro Flooring

SmartStrand Carpet San Diego, CA
Today's savvy homeowner wants more when buying new carpeting and SmartStrand? Silk delivers on that front. In fact, this new line of carpet from Mohawk offers a wealth of benefits that consumers love and appreciate, especially those who have pets or kids in their homes. At Metro Flooring, we understand our customers, and because of this, we offer a great selection of Mohawk SmartStrand Silk carpeting. Here are a few facts about this remarkable carpet line.

The first thing to know about the Silk line is that this is carpeting that does not sacrifice softness. Many other brands of carpeting give up on softness as they increase spill-resistance performance. In other words, you can get one or the other with some other brands. You can have soft carpeting, or you can have high-performance spill-resistance, but not both. With SmartStrand Silk, you get both: Luxurious softness and high-performance resistance to staining.

So, how does Mohawk do this? It begins with the unique creation of the yarn in which 700 individual silk-like fibers are packed into one single strand of yarn. This brings about a long-life benefit that is more than 3 times longer than what you find with most other carpet companies and all nylon-based carpeting.

Why does SmartStrand Silk resist staining from spills? Like all of the Mohawk SmartStrand lines, the Silk line stays clean because liquids cannot be absorbed into the fibers. It is that simple. If liquids cannot get into the fibers, that liquid cannot stain the carpet. Nylon carpeting, on the other hand, is known to absorb up to 5 percent of its weight in liquid.?

In addition, SmartStrand Silk is engineered with permanent protection built right into the fibers. This makes this carpet not only stain-proof, but also very easy to clean as dirt and debris will not bond with the fibers. The stain resistant benefit cannot be washed off and it will never wear off.

If you would like to know more about this incredible carpet system, just come by Metro Flooring in San Diego, CA and let us show you all the many benefits and advantages you get when you buy SmartStrand Silk by Mohawk.