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Go Green with SmartStrand Naturals

In today?s world, going green is one of the most important things we can consciously choose to do. And doing so just got a lot easier, thanks to SmartStrand? Naturals carpet. SmartStrand is made from polymers that are 100% renewably sourced. Not only does this mean they use less energy to make it, but it also means that we can feel much better about choosing it for our flooring.

Built in Stain Resistance You Can Trust

When searching for carpet, it?s likely that one of your main concerns is going to be protection against stains. In many instances, carpet does come with stain protection. However, it?s usually in the form of chemicals that are sprayed on as finishing layers. In a few years time, it washes off and leaves you with carpet that does not have stain protection. So you?ll not only be spending money on another coat, but you?ll either be doing the job yourself or paying a professional to do it.

SmartStrand Naturals comes with stain resistance built right into the carpet fibers themselves. You?ll be happy to know that you?ll be protected against stains for years to come, because you can?t simply wash this protection away!

Luxurious Comfort You?ll Have to Feel to Believe

SmartStrand Naturals gives you such a soft, luxurious underfoot feel that you?ll just look for reasons to walk on this carpet. While lots of carpet might have this feeling at first, SmartStrand Naturals is durable enough to remain soft for many years to come.

It?s a great choice for the home that has children or elderly people, as they will probably be the ones to appreciate the softness the most. However, even if it?s just you and your significant other, you?ll love the way this carpet feels and the durability that goes along with it.

If You?re In The Market For SmartStrand Naturals

We would love to show you some of our SmartStrand Naturals samples at Metro Flooring. If you happen to be in the San Diego, CA area, feel free to stop by our showroom there to speak with a flooring professional. We?ll help you find exactly what you?re looking for.