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Good News for New Home Closings in San Diego

Anyone watching the local real estate market in San Diego already knows there are some problems. One of the biggest has been home buyers finding new homes that they could afford. While home prices continue to climb, it does seem as if more people are able to close on homes of late. A recent story went into detail about this:

?Closings of new homes rose year-over-year in September in the San Diego, CA market, but as the percentage climbed less than August 2016, the market seemed to show signs of leveling. New home closings saw a 39.4% jump from a year earlier to 269. In comparison, new home closings in the same month last year saw a 57.7% jump year-over-year in August.?


At Metro Flooring in San Diego, we have noticed that a lot of our customers are homeowners who are planning to stay put, but want to add value to their homes. We often recommend to these homeowners the new line of Mohawk SmartStrand? Silk carpet. We do this for a few reasons.

To start with, the entire SmartStrand line of carpeting has exceptional stain-resisting capabilities. Rather than simply spraying their formula onto the fibers, as most companies do, Mohawk's stain-resistant formula is processed right into the fibers themselves. This process means that the formula will not wear off as other brands will do. The one issue, however, that many homeowners have reported about stain-resistant carpeting, is that it is stiff.

The SmartStrand Silk line has taken care of that problem. This is one of most luxurious and softest carpeting lines that you can find on the market today. It truly has to be felt to be appreciated. Yet, this line of carpeting retains all of the stain-resistant properties found in all lines of SmartStrand carpeting. In other words, you can have all the best strain-fighting properties, as well as a softness that cannot be matched. And, you will also find this line of carpet in all the color ranges that you love.

If you have been thinking of new carpeting, but were not sure which brand would best fit your needs, we encourage you to visit Metro Flooring in San Diego. We would love to show you the many flooring options we have available for you, including our great selection of SmartStrand Silk carpets.