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Got kids? Love Carpet? Here?s Why you Need SmartStrand Naturals

SmartStrand ? Naturals is a beautiful, ultra-durable and stain-proof carpet in warm earthy tones, like brown, tan and sienna. It?s meant to remind us of the elements of nature, such as moss and rocks.

SmartStrand Naturals can take anything a kid dishes out, and you know how messy they can be! When the manufacturer created the entire line, they really put it through the test. One way was to invite kids to a party where they could feel free to spill anything they wanted. Before long the carpet had mustard, ketchup and juice stains, all decorated with cake and frosting crumbs!

The collection is made with DuPont Sorona, an eco-friendly, high performance fiber that is soft and beautiful while being tough and spill resistant.

You can get SmartStrand Naturals right here in San Diego at Metro Flooring, near The Pyramid.

Back to the kids: All of the stains wiped away with only warm water.

That?s because there?s a proprietary NanoLoc spill and soil shield that?s built right into the fiber. It repels dirt, spills, stains and dander. Just like the DNA in our cells, it is permanent. It cannot wear off, no matter how many times it?s steam-cleaned, or how much foot traffic it sees.

Now let?s talk about durability, because you also know how tough kids can be on a floor. There?s a lot of running, jumping and--oh, yes--those spills. Well, again, it was put to the test, this time by Max the Rhino, a 5400 pound animal that?s bigger than a Ford 250 truck; heavier than 337 pugs and messier than 135 four year olds. After two weeks of him stomping around, there was virtually no damage, and spills were hosed off with just warm water.

If a 5400 pound rhino is no match, it?s a good bet your kids (or dog or cat) won?t be either.

Other features include:

? UV Protection

The carpet is fade resistant, so go ahead and install it in that sunny room. Don?t worry about it being near that window with direct sunlight.

? Eco-friendly

Much of the carpet is made from corn glucose, as opposed to petroleum-based products. The Nanoloc Technology is 100% free of chemicals, that means fewer harmful VOCs.

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