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Grey's Anatomy - Has Gray Peaked?

There have been 20 plus season of Grey?s Anatomy on television. Will we see the same with the color gray in interiors? It started gaining popularity in the paint world in 2010 knocking beiges and browns down a few strokes on the color wheel. Now 12 years later let's see what we think about gray flooring.

Gray is in every product category at Metro Flooring: carpets, tile, laminate, vinyl, and hardwood. Push carpets come in solid grays while others weave textures and patterns that combine gray and other colors. Each will add style to any room. In vinyl and laminate flooring we have seen the manufacturers blend gray with warm colors. The planks retain their natural authentic wood grain look. The benefit of the gray-warm color combo is that it is easily paired with a variety of home aesthetics and colors. It will match your blue couch or red pillows. Your options are multifaceted and you do not get locked into a particular tread. Hardwood gray floors tend to brighten a room. I find that customers generally want to open up their spaces, but it all depends on personal taste and the kind of space you have. Gray hardwood floors also compliments darker elements in the room like dark colored cabinetry.

Luxury Vinyl Jupiter Lawley
Luxury Vinyl Jupiter Lawley - Offered by Elite Flooring Distributors

The thing about gray, is it's a neutral. A very versatile color that goes with black, whites, creams, taupes, red and blues. Gray can be cool with an undertone of blue giving off a modern vibe or warm giving a more cozy feeling to your space. These attributes make it a classic that will never fully go away. The question becomes do we want to make gray the dominate color or let it soak into the background.

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