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Have you considered SmartStrand Silk for your next carpet?

Everyone knows that carpeting is the softest material you can put on your floors, but SmartStrand Silk by Mohawk takes it even further. With more than three times the strands per fiber when compared to other nylon carpets, SmartStrand Silk is unrivaled in luxurious softness.

This carpet makes it easy to choose the best look, the coziest feel, and the most durable flooring in its class. Once it is in place, you'll realize the depth of the protection it offers and with a lifespan that averages 20 years, you?ll have plenty of time to enjoy it.

Let us help you choose the perfect SmartStrand Silk

At Metro Flooring, we pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and the best customer service available. When you visit our San Diego, CA showroom, our associates will immediately start the process of finding your perfect flooring match.

Be sure to visit us when you?re in the area. It will be our honor to help floor your home with a material that suits both your requirements and your preferences.

What you can expect from SmartStrand Silk

They say seeing is believing, but once you feel the difference SmartStrand Silk makes, you?ll surely be a believer. This silk-like carpet creates inviting atmospheres from room to room. It?s perfect for small children just learning to walk, but also provides excellent stability for elderly persons who require a walking aid.

The SmartStrand line offers so much more, however, including an excellent amount of durability, even in the busiest homes. Manufacturers build stain protection right into the fiber, assuring that stains have no chance to soak in, becoming permanent.

As all carpet does, you?ll have the benefit of a more peaceful atmosphere, thanks to the noise reduction it offers. Heat retention is excellent as well, since carpet and its underpadding act as another layer of insulation. It?s a difference you?ll even see on your energy bill.

We recommend that you take advantage of our professional installation service to assure a perfect installation. Our installers have all the necessary tools and experience to make sure you get the best-looking carpets possible.