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In San Diego, Designing For Both Form AND Function

When you think about it, interior and exterior design is similar. It?s just that one is inside and the other, well, outside. Right now, we?re seeing all kinds of articles on landscape design, but a recent story in the San Diego Tribune peaked our interest. They listed some questions that one should ask when considering landscape design--and those are the same questions you need to ask when decorating your (indoor) home. Such as:

?See your garden through new eyes
?Treat your home and garden as two halves of a whole
?Consider the design strengths and weaknesses; then play up the good while minimizing the not-so-great

Source: - ?Landscape Design 101: Think It Through Step By Step?-- San Diego Tribune.

San Diego, CA is known for beaches, parks and a warm climate. The atmosphere is outdoorsy, athletic and somewhat casual. The people of San Diego really know how to enjoy life. Make no mistake, though, there?s also an elegance about their homes.

What about carpeting? You love the look, but it?s easy to drag in water and sand when you live in San Diego--not to mention pet hair! Metro Flooring?s SmartStrand? Naturals line of carpeting lets the San Diegan have it all: Elegance, with fibers like silk and jute; comfort; softness; long durability; and stain resistance.

For wood flooring, we have laminates and vinyls that mimic real wood--complete with tiles, planks, grains and patterns, but they don?t have some of the challenges of a real wood floor; after all, sometimes real wood just isn?t suitable for an installation.

If you absolutely must have the real thing, you?ll find an assortment of natural slate, stone, quartz, marble and cork.

At Metro Flooring, we?re more than a showroom that just houses product; rather, we look at the entire home and design a transformation that will suit every lifestyle and budget. For almost 30 years, this family-owned business has carried the largest assortment of flooring, such as hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, tile, and carpeting, as well as kitchen cabinetry and countertops. We provide (free) estimates, financing, design consults and professional installations.