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Is it Time to Upgrade to SmartStrand Naturals?

Wondering if it's time to replace your fiber flooring? We walk all over it, spill food and drink on its fibers, and we're not even going to mention Fido's weekly mishaps. When it comes down to it, your fiber flooring sees a whole lot of action. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to gauge whether or not it's time to overhaul the bedroom, living room or entryway. But the truth is, eventually, your flooring will need to be replaced. To help you decide if it's a good time to make the switch to carpet, our Metro Flooring San Diego, CA on-site specialists have come up with this helpful guide.

Hiding Stains is a Full-Time Job
If you spend a chunk of time trying to hide embarrassing stains, creatively using potted plants and decorative rugs, then perhaps it's time to consider the inevitable. Truthfully, it's pretty much impossible to avoid messes, and that's because actual people live in your home! But, if you're running out of ideas to camouflage Fifi's daily doodles, it's probably time for SmartStrand Naturals.?

Funky Smells Stick Around
Does it still smell a little funky, even after you deep clean? Unfortunately, that could be a sign that liquid mishaps penetrated the underpadding, and that's never a good thing. With kids and pets, it can be hard to manage accidents, and spot cleaning doesn't always freshen the fibers. SmartStrand Naturals is an excellent solution, if you're looking for durable carpeting that's virtually kid and pet proof.

Constant Wetness and Humidity
By far, a carpet's #1 enemy is water damage. Not only does it leave lingering odors, but it also tends to display stains that can't be eliminated. Some rooms are more prone to humidity and wetness, such as basements and entryways. Regardless, this type of damage is irreversible, and it's crucial to resolve this issue as it can result in an unhealthy indoor environment.?

Decor Looking a Bit Outdated
Sure, the retro look is in, but if your home sports authentic 70s carpeting, you're committing a true faux-pas design-wise. Instead of rocking the faded shag (and whatever else might be living in all those fibers), now's the time to check out the latest trends in high-quality SmartStrand Naturals. Go on, have a little fun with a redesign, and create a home that's both soothing and stylish!