Is San Diego Making it Harder to Build Affordable Homes?

If you have wondered where all the affordable homes in San Diego have gone, there may be an answer coming out. At Metro Flooring, we came across an interesting article recently that attempts to address this issue. While we cannot say that the article is true in all respects, it does bring up some interesting questions. Here is the first bit of it:

?The city council and the Board of Supervisor in the city and county of San Diego make it difficult to build a home to meet the needs of the middle class or the poor. ?Instead they are limiting the number of homes built, making the regulations more expensive?and the permitting process is longer meaning the cost of the project goes up. ?San Diego like expensive homes?those already living there have more valuable homes, without expensive remodeling.?

Source: San" class="redactor-linkify-object"> Diego Works HARD to Keep Home Prices High and Unaffordable by Stephen Frank.

Well, you can make up your own mind on this. The numbers look odd to us, but we don't know if the system is being rigged or not. What we do know is that those homeowners in the San Diego area who want to add value to their current homes are encouraged to come by our showroom and see the new line of SmartStrand? Naturals that we have available. This is not your average, everyday carpeting, and it offers a wealth of benefits not found in many other carpeting systems.

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However, it does more. Mohawk SmartStrand Naturals is also very durable and stylish for modern homes and businesses. It is also soft, and eco-friendly and is available in a wide range of colors, all reflecting the natural harmony we find in nature; hence, the name.

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