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Learn More About SmartStrand Silk

As a homeowner who is in the market for new flooring, it?s likely that you?ve heard about SmartStrand? Silk. If you?re ready to try a carpet that can truly deliver everything you need in flooring, give SmartStrand a try. The benefits and durability of this innovative carpet will have you considering it for every room in your home.

SmartStrand for Your Home
Few carpets can beat the luxurious softness of SmartStrand Silk. In fact, we think it will be perfect for your home, no matter what your specifications are. Do you enjoy wool carpet? If so, you?ll be interested to find out that SmartStrand Silk is softer, but yet the durability beats that of nylon carpeting.

You?ll also enjoy the various designs and styles you?ll have to choose from. Many SmartStrand carpets even mask the need for vacuuming, meaning it looks better than many carpet floors.

If your family is one that needs a great deal of protection, SmartStrand Silk is definitely the way to go. You can?t beat the stain resistance and protection against spills, the outstanding durability, and a softness that just can?t be beat. Even with multiple children and pets, SmartStrand will stand up under some of the most severe conditions.

No Sacrifices with SmartStrand
In many instances, when dealing with carpet, you find that softness is often sacrifices in the name of performance. That simply isn?t the case with SmartStrand Silk. With 700 fibers in every yard strand, it?s not only softer than the competition, it lasts about three times as long as well.

We think you shouldn?t have to choose between softness and durability, or between luxuriousness and stain resistance. That?s the great thing about SmartStrand. You literally get to have it all in one awesome carpet.

In addition to the amazing plushness and unbeatable resistance to stains, you also get the Nanoloc Spill and Soil Shield that makes cleaning up an easy job. Pet stains and smells are also a thing of the past, thanks to the All Pet Protection and Warranty.

These are just a few of the many reasons people have continued to choose SmartStrand Silk. It?s why we think you should too!

Come See SmartStrand for Yourself
Nothing beats the ability to see for yourself the wonderful SmartStrand Silk carpet Metro Flooring has to offer. Be sure to stop by our showroom located in San Diego, CA and speak to a flooring professional about this wonderful carpet. We know you?ll be amazed at all it has to offer.