smartstrand carpet

Look at all you can do with SmartStrand Silk

When Mohawk Industries came out with their new line of SmartStrand Silk, it proved they were listening to the needs of homeowners around the country. They wanted to let people know that you don?t have to walk on eggshells to walk on carpet. In fact, they wanted to show that carpet can be as gorgeous, as resilient, and as durable as many other flooring materials on the market. They even put their claims to the test by installing their carpet in an enclosure with a rhinoceros named Max.
With SmartStrand Silk, you?re sure to get the carpet you?ve dreamed of and so much more. It all starts with an excellent selection of beautiful solid colors and designs that are sure to complement even the most complex decor design. From there, you?ll notice the amazing silk-like feel of the carpet under your feet. With more fibers per strand than the leading nylon carpet, there?s nothing quite like the luxury of stepping out on this floor covering.
However, it?s the durability that really sells this product. Stain protection is manufactured into the core of the fibers, resisting even the harshest stains like red wine and mustard. Everyday wear and debris are even less likely to leave a mark, especially with regular cleaning and maintenance. This kind of protection is of the utmost importance to those who want the nicest floors, but who also have small children, pets, or residents who work outdoors in the elements. With SmartStrand Silk, you can help protect an investment that is never made lightly. You don?t want to have to replace your flooring any more often than you have to, and this material makes it easy to get your money?s worth.
Putting all these benefits together, it?s not hard to see how this carpet nearly sells itself. The benefits cater to nearly every need of any homeowner who needs flooring and with a lifespan averaging 30 years; it?s hard not to take notice.
At Metro Flooring, we?d love to tell you more about SmartStrand Silk from Mohawk. Come visit our San Diego, CA showroom and allow us to show you, in person, all you stand to gain from this amazing flooring.