COREtec flooring - San Diego, CA

Looking for COREtec Waterproof Flooring? See Us at Metro Flooring!

When you are looking for quality COREtec waterproof flooring, come see us at Metro Flooring in San Diego, CA. We know that many homeowners and business owners are interested in this remarkable flooring system, but are having problems finding reliable flooring vendors that carry this product. We have it at Metro Flooring, and we have it for less than you might find it for at other vendors who do carry it.

If you are not familiar with COREtec waterproof flooring, it is a truly waterproof flooring system, not just a product that resists water. This makes it perfect for many homes and businesses where protecting the sub-floor from water is important. So, when might this be an issue?

If your sub-floor is wood, especially solid wood flooring, exposure to water can cause a lot of problems, all of them expensive to fix. When solid wood sub-floors get wet, they can warp, buckle, crack, or cause your floor to look like a rolling hill. The only way to fix these problems is to take up your flooring, and remove the damaged wood, replacing it with something else, usually more wood, unless you opt to have the entire sub-floor taken up and replaced with a non-wood sub-floor.

COREtec waterproof flooring is also very useful for those places that often have water on the flooring such as laundries, restaurants, car wash operations, and many others.

Consumers should also know that COREtec waterproof flooring is available in increasing levels such as COREtec Plus waterproof flooring, and is available in a variety of very attractive surfaces. In fact, consumers are often surprised at just how beautiful these flooring systems are, even though they are truly waterproof!

If you would like to learn more about COREtec waterproof flooring, come see us at Metro Flooring in San Diego, and let our pros tell you all about these incredible flooring systems.