Looking for Mohawk SmartStrand? Silk Carpeting? We Have it At Metro Flooring!

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Have you been looking for, or thinking about, the incredible SmartStrand? Silk carpeting system? If so, you are not alone. This new carpeting from Mohawk offers some of the best benefits that you will find in any brand of carpet, bar none. Here is why so many people are turning to Mohawk for their new flooring, and why they are coming to Metro Flooring in San Diego.

To understand why SmartStrand Silk is so special, let's first look at the basic SmartStrand fiber. These carpets are known as some of the very best on the market today in terms of stain resistance. This resistance is exceptional, because it is developed within the actual fibers, not coated onto them. Mohawk has stated that this fiber brand is so good that it resists stains from wine, mustard, and virtually any other liquid, dirt, debris, etc.

Because these carpets are so tough on stains, they are perfect for homes with kids, pets, and active lifestyles. They can be installed in all areas of the home, and they come with a lifetime warranty on staining.

However, there is more.

These carpeting systems are also very durable. They will last for years if properly cared for. They are available in a large array of colors, and they are also eco-friendly.

Now, what makes SmartStand Silk different? The answer is simple: Softness. Of the lines that Mohawk is offering, the Silk line is the softest underfoot and to the touch. The softness that you experience with this line is extraordinary, and the only way to truly appreciate it is to see it (and touch it) for yourself.

Because this carpeting is so unique, we recommend that you talk with one of our sales staff before deciding on the weight of padding that will go under your new flooring. We also recommend that your new carpet be installed by professional installers. Our experts can install your new flooring to perfection.

If you would like to know more about Mohawk's new SmartStrand Silk line, come by and see us at Metro Flooring in San Diego, CA?today.