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Moving to SmartStrand? Naturals is the smart choice

In carpet, there are many ways to personalize your experience for the best possible flooring results. From selecting a perfect fiber that is well suited to your specific needs, to choosing colors that create the ambiance you?re looking for, this material offers you many ways to accomplish it. SmartStrand? Naturals, on the other hand, gives you more of what you really want and need, from the only available soft surface flooring on the market.

Two of the most important features that homeowners look for in a carpet are a luxuriously soft underfoot feel, and not having to worry about permanent stains. Those just happen to be two areas where SmartStrand Naturals works hard to please homeowners all over the country.

With stain protection built right into the fibers of this flooring, you?ll find that spills and messes have no opportunity to soak in, thus eliminating the possibility of permanent staining. Along with the stains, odors are also alleviated, since bacteria-causing particles can simply be removed with a good cleaning. For the most in protection against stains and odors, be sure to speak with your flooring associate about our promise regarding pets and your floors.

For a softness like no other flooring you?ve experienced before, SmartStrand Naturals offers silk-like fibers that are truly the softest available. This lush material will make you look for reasons to kick off those shoes, and enjoy the oasis inside your own four walls. With softness like this, you?ll quickly see why SmartStrand Naturals is becoming a favorite floor covering among homeowners today. And why not? It offers everything you want, and more, all from the luxury of your own home.

From our showroom in San Diego, CA, Metro Flooring works hard to make sure you feel more like family than customers. We treat you with respect, dignity, and we pay extremely close attention to exactly what you?re looking for in a floor covering. Helping you make your flooring dreams come true is our goal, and we offer a variety of materials and services to help make that happen. We look forward to your visit, and our flooring associates will be ready to assist you when you arrive.