COREtec flooring

Not sure about COREtec waterproof flooring?

When it comes to flooring you can trust, that looks great, and that lasts long enough to truly enjoy, there are few that can rival COREtec waterproof flooring. With revolutionary manufacturing processes that yield amazing stability, appearance, and longevity, you?ll wonder why you ever considered anything less for the floors in your own home. This material easily protects your home from water damage but also helps make it look stunning and elegant, no matter which room it?s installed in.

COREtec waterproof flooring offers some of the most amazing appearance options on the market, turning your home into something truly special. From light colors that can help open up and brighten any space to darker colors that transform larger spaces into something more quaint and cozy, you?re sure to find exactly what you?re looking for in a floor covering. You?ll also find this product can just as easily mimic tile flooring, with authentic grout lines, as it can the grainy textures of solid hardwood and stone.

Durability comes standard with COREtec waterproof flooring, with lifespans that can range from 10 to 30 years, depending on the options you choose with your flooring. The thickness of the material itself, in addition to the thickness of the protective wear layer on top, can both make a difference in lifespan length. It helps to resist stains, scratches, scuffs, and fading, all leaving you with a long-lasting visual appearance you?ll enjoy for decades.

The most important feature of COREtec waterproof flooring is the fact that it can give you more peace of mind than any other floor covering. Protection against water damage from spills, dampness, humidity, and moisture is a major issue for many homeowners. If you?re one of them, then you will be one of those who can truly reap a huge benefit from this aspect alone.

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