This is a reprint of our installation tips brochure, but I thought it would be a good subject for a blog post because so many people aren?t sure what to expect or what to do.? So read on, I hope this helps

Protect your valuables

If you have agreed to move the furniture, you must remove all of the furniture.? A charge will be assessed if we have to move any furniture.? If it is impossible to have all the furniture moved completely out of the carpeted areas, please have two people there to move the furniture around as we work.?

If furniture will be moved by Metro Flooring, remove and box any items on or around the furniture.

Remove all hanging objects, breakables, antiques and other small items from in and around the area of installation.? Vibrations from the installation may cause damage to these items.

Empty china cabinets, bookcases, desks, dressers (or remove drawers)

Disconnect and move any electronics, appliances, computers and televisions.? Metro Flooring cannot be held responsible for disconnecting, reconnecting or troubleshooting electronic components such as computers, stereos, televisions, alarm wires, or any other electronic items.

If flooring will be installed in a closet, remove all items on the floor and all low hanging items.?

Our installers are not responsible for damage to valuables that have not been removed from within or around the installation area.??

Any beds, closets, or bookcases will need to be disassembled before the installers arrive as they will only move the furniture pieces.

We do not move pianos, organs, grandfather clocks, waterbeds, hospital beds, or pool tables. Our installers are bonded and licensed, however, they are professional flooring mechanics, not professional movers. If necessary, we will be happy to recommend and coordinate a professional moving service, piano moving company or pool table company to help you move your items.

Work Environment

Our installers will need access to an area where they can store and cut flooring materials during the course of the installation.? Make sure that you have cleared an area- typically in the garage or porch ? for this purpose.

Our installers will need access to electrical power in the installation and storage areas.? New construction must have electricity turned on, or other means of electricity must be arranged for, prior to the installers arriving on the job. If we arrive to the job and there is no power, there will be an added charge for lost time.

The interior temperature of the installation area must be at a minimum of 65? F for 48 hours prior to the installation and 48 hours following installation.

Preparing your baseboards

In some cases, the new flooring may not be as thick as your existing floor.? As a result, some of the old paint lines on your walls may show after installation.? You may have to re-paint any painted baseboards after installation if the new floor covering is not as thick as your existing floor.


Installations start between 8AM to 11AM, unless otherwise notified.? This is an estimate.? We are not responsible for traffic/travel time, weather, or delays while picking up your materials. We will be there as quickly as possible.

Be at home

It is the customer?s responsibility to be at the house at time of installation to confirm the correct products are being installed.? Use of materials constitutes acceptance.

All occupied homes must have an adult (18 or over) present throughout the installation unless other arrangements are made.? This is to insure the installers will have a way into your home and be able to get answers to any questions that might arise.

The full C.O.D. amount is payable before starting installation. Delivery receipts will need to be signed when the job is completed. If paying the final balance with a credit card, it must be processed at Metro Flooring (not over the phone) the day before the job begins.

Concealed Imperfections and Subfloor Damages

Should concealed imperfections or damages be revealed during the removal or replacement of your existing floor, additional work will be required.? Subfloor damage and imperfections can only be determined after we remove the existing flooring.? Any imperfections found in the subfloor, and requiring correction, are the sole responsibility of the customer.??

Metro Flooring is not responsible for sealing concrete slabs or any problems that may arise from, or relating to a wet slab. If installation is delayed to another day because of unforeseen problems, an additional trip charge may be assessed.


Our installers will not install any speaker wires, cables, telephone lines or wiring underneath the flooring.? Doing so can damage the wires and may also void the manufacturer warranty of your flooring.? We are not responsible if cables are put under the carpet and you can feel these cables.? If you wish to have the cables installed along the wall all the way around the room, please have enough cable available and laid out along the walls so the carpet installers can put it under the carpet.??

Communicate to our installers the locations of any security wires in your home so that they do not cut them by accident.? Metro Flooring is not responsible for alarm wires or the operability of the alarm after the flooring is installed.

Please make sure cables work before installation of any and all flooring.

We are not responsible for faulty cables and will not pull the carpet at no charge if the cables are faulty.?

Pre-Existing Structural Conditions

We are not responsible for any problems that may arise due to pre-existing structural conditions such as asbestos, mold, or building code violations.? For example, if a nail driven into the floor strikes a water pipe that is closer to the floor than permitted by the building code, the pipe leak will not be our responsibility.

Pattern and Color Matching

There will be some variation in shade or characteristic between the sample you chose and the product actually installed in your home.? However, the difference will be within the manufacturer?s tolerance specifications.? If we feel there is an issue, Metro Flooring will hire an independent inspector to assess the flooring and then handle it with the mill.??

In most homes the walls are not square, making it impossible for the pattern on the flooring material to be parallel to every wall.

For material with a pattern, it is the homeowner?s responsibility to communicate to the installer which wall they would like to have the pattern run parallel to.? Otherwise, the installers will use their best judgment.


If your existing floor is laid under quarter round, we cannot be responsible for the breakage of any moldings when the existing floor is removed or a new floor is installed over the existing floor.??

We do not remove or replace moldings or baseboards for carpet installation.?

Squeaky Floors

It is not the responsibility of our installers to fix squeaky subfloors or wall structures.? If this condition impedes the installation process, It is your responsibility to have the necessary repairs performed.

Doors and Baseboards

If necessary, our installers will remove doors and set them back in place.? However, they will not be able to shave doors if the new floor is higher than the existing floor.? Your sales professional may be able to provide you with a referral for a qualified carpenter.

We are not responsible for excessive gaps under baseboards or door jams if the new floor is thinner/lower than the existing floor.

We will remove baseboards for vinyl or tile, but we do not reinstall baseboards.

On wood installations a client may choose to have new moldings put on, in this case we will remove the moldings and put up new moldings if contracted to do so.

Unavoidable Circumstances

Vibrations from the installation may cause cracks in wall moldings and popping of some loose drywall nails.? We are not responsible for such damage since it is an unavoidable part of the installation procedure.


Post-Installation Inspection

After installation, be sure to thoroughly examine the job with your installer to ensure your satisfaction before they leave your home.

Touch Ups

Due to the stiff nature of certain flooring materials, even with our installers? best efforts it is possible that walls or baseboards could be scratched during installation.? Any retouching or repainting will be the responsibility of the customer, unless there is an excessive amount of damage.

Clean Up

After installation, the installers will remove all waste from flooring and any other installation related trash on the site.? You will be responsible for cleaning or vacuuming to remove any loose fibers, dirt or dust that may remain.??

The removal of your existing floor and installation of your new floor covering will create some dust that cannot be avoided.? Cover all items you do not want exposed to the dust.? We recommend a thorough cleaning after the installation is completed.

Proper Ventilation

New flooring and installation materials can often affect indoor air quality.? Ventilate your home both during and for 72 hours following installation.? If practical, we recommend you open all the windows and utilize the fan in your cooling and heating system.


Color and Pattern Matching

If you have a preference for the direction of the pattern on the carpet, please discuss it with your sales professional at the time of the sale.


In some instances we may not be able to match the pattern of the carpet on the stairs with the area next to it, or may require extra carpet to do so.? Please ask your sales professional to discuss alternative options with you.


Seams are inevitable.? Our installers will do the best they can, but you may still be able to see some seams, depending upon the placement of the seam and the type of carpet.

If you prefer a seam placement in any particular area of the room, please discuss this with your sales professional.? Otherwise, we will determine the best area for seam placement.

Leftover Carpet

Carpet is manufactured in standard widths and must all be installed in the same direction, which can lead to leftover pieces.? If desire, we will leave smaller remnants for your use.


Direction of Wood

We can run floating hardwood floors and glue down wood floors in any direction.? Please notify your sales professional if you have a preference.

Nail-down hardwood floors must be run perpendicular to your floor joists.

Hardwood Grades

Beautiful hardwood floors are a product of nature and therefore not perfect. Floors are manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards, which permit a defect tolerance not to exceed 5%.? When our flooring is ordered, 5% must be added to actual square feet needed as allowance for cutting waste and mis-manufacture.

No two hardwood boards look alike.? Each hardwood board, however, is assigned a ?grade? by a professional lumber grader at the mill.? This grade organizes hardwood boards around common characteristics listed below:

CLEAR grade contains more uniform coloring and characteristics.

SELECT grade contains slightly more natural wood characteristics and color variation.

#1 COMMON grade contains prominent color variations and varying characteristics.

NATURAL grade contains pronounced variations in natural wood coloring from deep to light brown.? All natural tones of this wood are accepted, including mineral streaks, secure knots and honeycombs.

The installer/owner has final inspection responsibility as to grade, manufacture and factory finish. He/she must use reasonable selectivity and hold or cut off pieces with glaring defects whatever the cause.?

Hardwood Installation

During installation, some boards may splinter or crack.? If this occurs, we will remedy the situation by either filling the void or replacing the board.


The transitions will not match the grain and color of the hardwood 100%.? The portion of the tree used for transitions may be different from that used for the hardwood board.? This difference is more pronounced in stair nosing.

Our sales professionals use their best judgment for determining what transitions are required.? However, if you have any preferences, discuss them with your sales consultant at the time of the sale.

Small Imperfections

Use of stain, wax, filler or putty stick is used to mask small imperfections in the manufacturing of the floor.? It is standard procedure to fill in areas such as nail holes, gaps, or chips that are smaller than the width of a penny.? Very rarely does a board need to be replaced.

Leftover Hardwood

The typical waste factor for hardwood floors is 7% or higher depending upon the shape of the room and the material being used.? Let the installers know if you would like to keep any opened cartons of leftovers for future repairs, etc.

Post-Installation of Hardwood

For best results, minimize walking on any glue down hardwood for a period of 24 hours.

Relative Humidity and Temperature Adverse effects on wood flooring

Your hardwood flooring has been manufactured to the highest quality.? It is imperative that your hardwood floor lives in a healthy environment.? It is the customer?s responsibility to maintain proper climate controls at your home to prevent excessive gaps from appearing in your hardwood floor.? A temperature of 70? F (21? C) and relative humidity of 35% to 55% are ideal.? Metro Flooring is not responsible for atmospheric changes or issues out of our control.

Since wood is a product of nature, it is very common for wood flooring to expand and contract as the seasons change.

Flooring material should be acclimated in its intended environment before installation.? Refer to product recommendations for specifications.

Should the Relative Humidity fall below 30%, the wood may shrink resulting in; unsightly gaps at seams, checks and checking, cracks and/or splitting in face grain, cupping and/or crowning, and in severe cases may cause separation or delamination.? To prevent the Relative Humidity from falling below 30%, moisture needs to be added to the air preferably with a humidifier.

Should the Relative Humidity go above 60%, the wood may expand, resulting in; floor lifting and buckling, cupping and/or crowning, and edge rushing.? To prevent the Relative Humidity from going above 60% moisture needs to be removed from the air preferably with a dehumidifier.


Post-Installation of Vinyl

Do not drag any heavy objects on the vinyl, especially in the first 48 hours after installation.

Avoid stepping on the seam sealer for 24 hours after installation.


Color and Pattern Matching Tiles

The color of the grout may vary between the sample and the actual product.

Shade variation of ceramic or porcelain tiles is a natural aspect of the tile.? We will do our best to mix the tiles throughout your floor, but keep in mind that the tiles will not all be the same.

Leftover Tiles

Ceramic floor or wall tiles may scratch or break under certain types of impact.? Please take special care and be sure to keep a few extra tiles in case future repairs are needed.


Color and Pattern Matching

We can install your laminate flooring in any direction, because it is a floating floor.? Notify your sales professional if you have a preference for direction.

Laminate floors may need to be separated at doorways with the use of a T-molding.? Discuss this with your sales professional if you have any questions.

Flooring material should be acclimated in its intended environment before installation.? Refer to product recommendations for specifications.


Advise us in advance if you have a washer, dryer, freezer, ice-maker, refrigerator, toilets or any other appliances that must be moved.? We never move dishwashers (we install flooring to kick plate).

It is the homeowner?s responsibility to arrange for a licensed professional to disconnect and reconnect any gas or water connection.

When installing flooring in bathrooms, it is our recommendation that our client hire a plumber to remove and replace toilets. For an additional cost, we can hire a plumber for you, but this price does not cover and we are not responsible for broken valves, seals, or any other mechanisms relating to toilets.? We will not install low flush toilets and will not assemble new toilets.

We cannot be held responsible for plumbing issues with toilets, washers/dryers and refrigerator ice-makers, that may arise before, during, or after installation of your flooring, should you choose to have us perform those services.

We are not responsible for any leak that may occur on plumbing that was not connected or disconnect by our installers.??

We are not responsible for any plumbing or fixture issues resulting from daily wear and tear or existing damages.

If you desire, we can make arrangements to contact a licensed plumbing contractor or give you a referral.


If you have pets, they will need to be kept in an area away from the installers. Please do this before the installers arrive.?

Due to hygiene issues, the floor will need to be vacuumed before the installers arrive to remove any pet hair, pet litter, etc. as best as possible. Some of our installers have allergies, and by cleaning the excess hairs, this will make the installation go smoother.?

We truly appreciate your business and we are sure you appreciate the fact that we are a professional flooring company that specializes in the installation of floor coverings. We do not specialize in moving furniture, plumbing, electrical and or electronic equipment. We do offer some of the basic services, but in no way can we be held responsible for problems that may occur unless our installers were careless and had no regard for your personal property. We are bonded and insured as are our installers.