San Diego Gets Lucky on Weather Events...So Far

COREtec Plus Metro Flooring

Anyone who has been paying attention to the weather lately will know that many parts of America are getting hammered. The eastern coast just experienced Hurricane Matthew; fires are popping up everywhere due to drought conditions, which is yet another problem in many places; and the Santa Ana winds are always a threat. The good news is that those winds are avoiding San Diego for the time being. A recent newscast put it this way:

?Whew! San Diego and the rest of Southern California caught a real break over the last 12 hours when the Santa Ana that threatened us with dangerous fire conditions decided to spare the region. Now, it's hot and drier than it should be, but those gusty, devilish northeast winds just never took hold.?


At Metro Flooring, we keep an eye on the weather, as weather can cause a lot of damage to flooring systems. One of the most common problems we see is water damage. When water gets onto most flooring systems and stands for any length of time, problems follow. This is why we offer our customers COREtec waterproof flooring products.?

COREtec waterproof flooring is exactly as it says it is: Waterproof! When you install this flooring system, you do not have to worry about water problems ever again. This makes this flooring system perfect for many applications in both the home and workplace. For example, in the home, COREtec is a great option for utility rooms, bathrooms, and any other area where water is present. For businesses, you simply will not find a better option for restaurants, or for kitchen use, laundry rooms, and other areas where owners need to use water.

COREtec is also a great choice for those who are concerned about weather events that may cause water to enter the home. Keep in mind that even something as simple as a broken window, can allow a lot of water to enter the home or business. That water can, and will, damage just about any other type of flooring including carpet, hardwood, and vinyl. Avoid those problems by having new COREtec waterproof flooring installed.

If you would like to learn more about COREtec waterproof flooring and how it works to keep water out, visit Metro Flooring in San Diego and let us show you this remarkable flooring system.