Mohawk Carpet San Diego, CA

San Diego Gets the Best SmartStrand Silk Carpeting at Metro Flooring

Homeowners all across America are turning to the new Mohawk line of SmartStrand? Silk carpeting, and for good reasons. If you are not familiar with this line of carpeting, you may be in for some pleasant surprises, especially if you own a home with active kids or pets. Any homeowner in, or around, San Diego who is thinking of buying new carpet, should look into SmartStrand Silk before purchasing anything else.

If you visit the Metro Flooring showroom in San Diego, we can give you more in-depth information on the SmartStrand line of carpeting systems from Mohawk. For now, however, we would like to share some of the more popular aspects to this remarkable line of flooring.

To understand why SmartStrand Silk is so remarkable, one must first understand why other brands of stain-resistant carpeting are not so remarkable. There are basically two ways to make a carpet stain-resistant. The first is to spray your stain-resistant formula onto the carpet fibers. The second way is to blend your stain-resistant formula right into the fibers during manufacturing. The Mohawk line of SmartStrand carpeting uses the second method.

Now, when you spray your formula onto the fibers, those fibers become stiff and somewhat hard. This is one of the major complaints heard from consumers who have installed stain-resistant carpeting. However, when the formula is blended into the fibers, a unique level of softness is also achieved. This is why the name ?Silk? is used for this particular line of carpet. It is as soft as silk, yet it still resists stains like no other brand of carpet.

When you visit Metro Flooring, we can show many more benefits that homeowners get when they purchase this line of carpeting. And, to be honest, the best way to truly appreciate just how soft and silky this carpet is, is to feel it yourself. We are confident that once you see and feel this line of carpeting, you, too, will be impressed with it.

Want to learn more? Visit with us at our San Diego showroom, and our Metro Flooring carpeting experts will happily show you our line of SmartStrand Silk carpets.