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San Diego Sees Big Increase in Population Numbers

If you have been thinking that there are more people living in San Diego recently, you are not wrong. A new study has come out with some interesting details about population increases in several cities, including our own. Here is the first part of that story:

?San Diego added 15,715 residents between July 1, 2015, and June 30 of last year, the 10th largest numeric population increase in the country, the U.S. Census Bureau reported Thursday. The increase raised San Diego's population at the beginning of this fiscal year to just over 1.4 million. That keeps the city as the eighth-largest in the U.S., behind San Antonio and ahead of Dallas, according to Census Bureau data.?

Source: www.kpbs.org

As more people move into the city, new housing and businesses are sure to follow. For many of these homes and businesses, and those already existing, new flooring will be needed as either replacement flooring or new flooring. At Metro Flooring, we would like to encourage those looking for new flooring to check out the new COREtec? waterproof flooring that we carry.

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