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See a Real Difference with SmartStrand Naturals

Choosing the perfect carpet for your home can feel like a huge undertaking, but it might just be as easy as taking a look at SmartStrand? Naturals. You?ll quickly find that you get some of the best characteristics all in one floor covering, and that?s truly a dream flooring, isn?t it?

Metro Flooring doesn?t just hope to be there for all your flooring needs, we are looking for an on-going relationship with our clients. Here, your first purchase grafts you into the family, and we want every customer to be completely satisfied. To achieve this, we strive to offer the best products at prices that are competitive, while making sure our products and services live up to your standards first.

The first thing you?ll notice about our SmartStrand Naturals is that it is easily the softest carpet to walk on. With an underfoot feeling as luxurious and plush as this one, you might wonder where it?s been all your life. While everyone wants the softest carpet available, some homeowners sacrifice that feeling for the added security of stain resistance.

That is the second thing you?ll be quick to notice. SmartStrand Naturals uses polymers that are sourced from renewable resources, so it?s much more resistant to stains than lots of other carpet offerings on the market today. Many carpets get their stain resistance from chemicals that are applied to the fiber at some point during manufacture. However, SmartStrand Naturals has a stain-fighting component that is actually a part of the very fiber itself.

In addition to great resistance to stains, you?ll also be interested to know that those same polymers also mean less energy is required for the manufacturing process. For the eco-friendly consumer, this is great news. At the same time, you?ll find this carpet to be even softer and more luxurious than even all-natural wool.

In addition to these already enticing benefits, it?s also one of the most durable floor coverings you?ll find in the carpet line. It is easily able to stand up under more vigorous traffic levels, while fighting off premature aging, and lasts longer because of it. Finding a great carpet is one thing; finding one that has all the makings of the carpet of your dreams is quite another.

Stop by our showroom in San Diego, CA, to see this amazing material for yourself. Your flooring specialist will be happy to answer any questions.