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SmartStrand Naturals Is a Natural Choice For Carpet

If you?re considering carpet for your floor covering, you?re in good company. However, many homeowners have concerns when it comes to this soft surface material. In years past, it didn?t always have the best reputation, for various reasons, but times have changed and so has this material. These days, homeowners are taking advantage of more and more benefits, and that?s just where SmartStrand? Naturals can be a major asset for you as well. Soft, lush, gorgeous, and welcoming, you?ll quickly find out why more and more homeowners are making the switch.

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The Real Difference in SmartStrand Naturals
Mohawk introduced SmartStrand Naturals for the first time in 2016. It has the gorgeous look of all-natural wool fiber, but it?s far softer and much more luxurious. It?s also easier to clean and maintain, than actual wool carpet.

For the eco-friendly homeowner, you?ll be interested to know that this carpet is created solely from polymers that are renewably sourced. In addition to taking less energy during the manufacturing process, you?ll find that the fibers take on amazing stain resistant capabilities as well. Instead of spraying on harsh chemicals that you?ll need to reapply after several years, you can enjoy this natural protection as a part of the carpeting itself.

Every homeowner that considers carpet obviously wants the best available option, and SmartStrand Naturals is the best answer to that dilemma. In addition to the stunningly soft underfoot feel and remarkable stain resistance, you?ll have an array of color options, as Mohawk is known for their extensive color varieties. Se sure to ask your flooring professional how this carpet can meet your every need.