SmartStrand Naturals is the Obvious Carpet Choice for Family Rooms

Carpet has so many roles in a house, especially when it comes to the family room. It adds style, insulates from noise and is warm and easy on the feet. You can even say it adds an additional seating area, because when a floor is carpeted, people are more prone to sit or lie on the floor.

Carpet can receive a lot of punishment, though. Family rooms have pretty high foot traffic, what with running kids, pets and guests. People have a tendency to eat in that room, too, whether it?s snacking, or even eating dinner in front of a favorite television show.

Any concerns disappear with SmartStrand? Naturals carpet. Best of all, it?s available locally, at Metro Flooring in San Diego.

First, the color line itself adds a lot of beauty. The large color palette consists of warm, earthy, subtle tones, soft grays, browns, greens, blues and more. Contemporary, but not too trendy. Here?s the great thing about neutral colors: You can refresh a room and do a mini-remodeling just by changing up some accessories and, since the hues are neutral, they?ll work with everything.

Second, SmartStrand Naturals is incredibly tough. ?The fiber was invented by DuPont, the same people who invented silk which, as you know, has a reputation as the toughest fiber--well, until this one came out. So go ahead and enjoy without worry. This carpet will stand up to anything.

Third, don?t worry about messy spills or stains on your SmartStrand Naturals carpet because stain-resistance is built right into the fiber. ?That makes it permanent. Think! No worries about spills.

Finally, how do we know all this? ?Well, the manufacturer, Mohawk, doesn?t just talk the talk, but they walk the walk. When they were developing this product, one of their tests included using it to line the cage of a 5,400-pound rhinoceros for two weeks. Can you imagine the punishment it took? The rhino walked and stomped around, with no damage to the carpet. And, um, the mess he made? At the end of two weeks, the carpet was just hosed off with warm water, and all was fine.

The bottom-line: You never have to worry about your house pets, stains, spills or wear and tear!

Metro Flooring experts will tell you all about it, so feel free to visit our showroom in San Diego. ?We?re next to The Pyramid.