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SmartStrand Silk: A Pet Owners Best Friend.

We all love the plush comfort and elegance of a nice soft carpet, but we also all hate the hassle of cleaning them up. Nobody understands this better than a pet-owner.

Pets are great! They provide companionship, laughter, protection, and comfort. As magical as they may be, they also provide a little something less desirable in the form of stains. Whether it's because your dog just couldn't wait to be let out, or your cat decided it would be hilarious to smack that glass of red wine off of the table, they can really take a toll on your carpet.

So what do you do if you want to keep your pets, your comfortable carpet, and your sanity? Here at Metro Flooring - in San Diego, CA - we have just the solution: SmartStrand? Silk carpeting.

SmartStrand Silk is far and away the most resilient, stain resistant, and comfortable carpeting option on the market today. In touch surveys, it was chosen over other carpets five to one. But where it really shines, from a pet owner's perspective, is it's stain resistance. You will be really amazed at the stain fighting power of this carpet.

Pet owners know how much damage a dog or cat can do to your carpet. Now, imagine what sort of havoc a rhino would wreak. Recently, to demonstrate just how amazing SmartStrand Silk is, Mohawk installed two carpets in a rhino enclosure at the zoo for two weeks, one made of SmartStrand Silk, and another made of a competitive soft nylon.

At the end of the test they cleaned both carpets, and the competitor's carpet showed stains, matting, and crushing, while SmartStrand Silk carpeting remained in virtually pristine condition. In light of that, your cats and dogs should be a breeze for this carpet!

The secret is that the SmartStrand carpet is completely hydrophobic, meaning that it completely repels water. Therefore, virtually any stain can be removed with nothing more than water. Just wet it, dab it up, disinfect, and move on with your day. Even better, the stain fighting properties of SmartStrand Silk are built into the very fabric of the carpet. This means that no matter how many times you have to clean it, it won't lose its stain resistance like other stain-fighting carpets.

If you live in San Diego, CA and you're looking for a hassle-free carpet at a great price, call or stop by at our Metro Flooring showroom, and let us help you make the choice that's right for you.