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SmartStrand Silk Carpet Combines Affordability, Elegance and Eco-Friendly Design

Do you know what a ?Granny Flat? is? Or maybe you know it by building industry lingo, Accessory Apartment or Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)-- or any of the other, possibly more common, names, such as ?Mother/Daughter Apartment? or ?Mother-in-law Apartment.?

They?ve been around for decades, but it seems the increased interest in the ?tiny home? has also increased interest in the granny flat.

A granny flat is a self-contained apartment that has a living room, a tiny kitchen, bath, and a bedroom. It can be in either a detached or attached dwelling, and usually just accommodates one or two people.

Now San Diego, CA is accelerating construction of the granny flat to ease the housing shortage. These ?tiny houses? will be constructed to be affordable to middle and lower income people. Source: by David Garrick.

The perfect carpeting solution to provide both luxury, easy maintenance, with some eco-friendliness, is SmartStrand? Silk Carpet. It is also competitively priced, making it budget-friendly.

SmartStrand Silk, manufactured by Mohawk and available at San Diego?s Metro Flooring, is constructed from the natural, protein fiber that?s often woven into textiles and carpet. As we all know, silk is ultra-durable. In fact, some say that silk fiber is even stronger than steel!

Here are some other benefits of silk is:

? Luxurious and soft. Nothing else comes even close to that downy feeling!!
? Hypoallergenic, repelling mold and mildew
? Strong and sturdy, despite looking somewhat fragile. This is what makes it so ultra-durable, resisting both soil and odors

Now, put all of this together in a carpet and you have something that?s plush and squishy, with the durability, stain-resistance and easy cleanability that makes any household, especially one with kids and pets, smile.

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