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SmartStrand Silk: Carpet That?s Always Up for a Challenge

This is truly an inspiring story about 29-year-old, rugby player, Jay Taylar who says he?s ?always up for a challenge.? He?s 5?8? and 128 pounds. He explains that it?s hard to keep his weight up and says he often has to stop people twice his size when he plays. ?Everyone?s bigger than I am, so I definitely like that underdog feeling, to accomplish something that seems insurmountable,? he says.

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That?s much the case with SmartStrand? Silk carpet, because it?s so gorgeous it can be easy to forget just what a powerhouse it really is. Just hearing the word ?silk? makes one automatically think of luxury; in fact, it?s considered to be a symbol of royalty, and if you study the history books, you?ll see that silk was used almost exclusively by the upper classes. However, silk is known for extraordinary strength. Weight for weight, it?s tougher than steel. A special Nanoloc? technology keeps any stain on the surface, so it?s a breeze to clean; it doesn?t get absorbed into the carpet.

You can buy SmartStrand Silk carpet at Metro Flooring in San Diego.

SmartStrand Silk carpet is soft, elegant, and so tough and stain-resistant that it even held up to a test in a cage at a zoo with 5400-pound, six feet tall and 12 inches long, Max The Rhino. For two weeks, Max pretty much led the good life, and finished with a deposit of about 1,000 pounds of solid waste. (By the way, it would take the average dog about two years to reach that amount.) The carpet was cleaned at the end of two weeks; the stains lifted quickly and easily.

Needless to say, Max put some pretty extreme wear on the carpet, but it showed no signs, such as that crushing or matting we all know so well.

Just think: If SmartStrand Silk can do that with Max, what could it do for those with domestic pets or heavy foot traffic? (Actually, it would take four people a year to put the kind of pressure Max did in just two weeks.)

That wasn?t enough testing for the manufacturer, Mohawk, though, so they invited kids for a party on the carpet. Have at it, they said, giving the kids permission to spill, run and jump, and spill they did: Ketchup, chocolate, Jello, soda and punch, markers. Easy! All it needed was a rag and a little water to blot out the stain.

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