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SmartStrand Silk comes to rescue for your floors!

Old worn flooring can make your entire home look bad, and that affects everyone in the home. However, choosing SmartStrand Silk changes everything by offering not only a gorgeous new floor covering, but a wealth of behind-the-scenes benefits you?ll have to experience for yourself to fully comprehend. The amazing, plush underfoot feel, for instance, offers comfort that is hard to rival. But more than that, it offers durability, a great lifespan, and a perfect look for each and every space you need to floor.

For those concerned with the possibility of staining, we have great news. SmartStrand Silk has protection built right into the fibers that makes sure nothing spilled, tracked in, or accidentally placed on your floors will be able to soak in and create stains that can?t be removed. Instead, you can easily clean these carpets, bringing them back to life and enjoying them for years to come afterward. This is the kind of confidence every homeowner should have access to when it comes to their carpeting.

Another factor that really matters to homeowners, as it should, is durability and longevity. They really go hand in hand, as a durable carpet will certainly last longer than one that isn?t. SmartStrand Silk has been proven to be one of the most durable floor coverings on the market today. That means you?ll enjoy its benefits for many years ahead.

Another thing that directly impacts the longevity of your flooring is the installation team used to put the flooring in, and with carpet, it?s even more important. Special tools are needed for the job, especially in a home with stairs, so be sure you ask about our professional installation services when you choose SmartStrand Silk.

Metro Flooring is more than a flooring store. We consider our customers a part of the family and you?ll feel that as soon as you enter our San Diego, CA showroom. There, we offer a great selection of floor coverings and related products. Our professional associates and service teams can help bring your project to life and then to a beautiful completion, even adding professional design advice. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with your flooring, so be sure to stop in when you?re in the area.