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SmartStrand Silk: FAQ

Here at Metro Flooring, we have seen a huge increase in interest for stain-fighting and stain-proof carpeting, especially SmartStrand? Silk. So, we thought it would be a good idea to provide a quick list of frequently asked questions to help you sort out the facts from the fiction surrounding this incredible carpeting material.

1. Is It Eco-Friendly?

Yes! SmartStrand Silk is one of the most eco-friendly carpeting choices on the market today, in fact. 37% of the materials used in its production, comes from natural corn sugar grown in the US. This means that it uses far fewer petroleum products to produce, unlike other carpeting materials which are made primarily from petroleum derived chemicals.

In fact, every 7 yards of SmartStrand represents an energy and resource savings equal to one gallon of gasoline. That's a savings of 10 million gallons of gas per year!

Another great aspect of this material, from an environmental standpoint, is that it lasts longer than other carpeting materials, so it needs to be replaced less frequently, for an overall savings on materials and energy over the long-haul.

2. Is it Easy to clean?

Yes, again! In fact, one of the most attractive qualities of SmartStrand Silk carpeting, is that it cleans up like a dream. Because they stain fighting and water repellant qualities of this material are actually the result of its internal structure, the ease with which it is cleaned will also never fade over the life of the carpet, unlike other carpeting materials that rely upon chemical coatings and treatments to maintain these same qualities.

Most spills or stains can be cleaned up with nothing more than water as a cleaning agent. Even red wine blots up easily, with just a little bit of water to help loosen it up!

3. Is it Soft?

One of the biggest benefits of carpeting is the plush softness it provides, so it's easy to understand why this would be such a common question. Yes, SmartStrand is soft. The reason it is so soft, is also the secret to its durability. Due to the unique structure of the carpet fibers, the strands bounce right back into shape and resist crushing. This means your floor will always be at its peak level of softness, no matter what.

Want to Learn More About This Amazing Carpet?

If you have any further questions about this amazing carpeting material, Metro Floors would love to hear from you! Just call, e-mail, or stop by our showroom in San Diego, CA, and our staff of friendly, knowledgeable flooring experts will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have, and demonstrate the incredible qualities of this unique flooring material.