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SmartStrand Silk is a Smart Choice for Your Home

If you?ve decided to go with carpet, SmartStrand? Silk might be a product you want to take some time to look further into. With amazing benefits, beautiful colors, designs, and a well-respected manufacturer, it?s a hard product to beat. Quality plays a large factor in the flooring that homeowners choose, and this particular material has plenty of that to go around. It might even be the very floor covering you?ve been searching for all this time.

Metro Flooring goes above and beyond when it comes to making sure you?re completely happy with the new flooring you?ve chosen. In fact, we have a 30-day guarantee that offers you great peace of mind concerning your flooring choice. We also offer quality installations carried out by experienced professionals who know exactly what they?re doing. Be sure to stop by our showroom in San Diego, CA, to find out more about products and services.

SmartStrand Silk Benefits
SmartStrand Silk is just as regal in real life as it might sound, offering one of the softest and plushest carpets in this line. However, a carpet of this quality couldn?t maintain that softness for long without an amazing durability rating. You?ll find this material is crush-resistant, stain resistant, matte-resistant, and offers a 0% moisture absorption, which means it?s one of the easiest carpets to clean. In fact, the stain resistance is built right in, so you never have to worry that it will wear away or wash off.

SmartStrand Silk is created with each strand containing roughly 700 strain resistant fibers that are just like silk. At more than three times the usual number of fibers per strand of nylon carpet, it?s no wonder that it?s so luxuriously soft. The elastic recovery offered in this fiber is another reason you can count on that luxurious feeling sticking around for years to come. It bounces back, every time.

Rapidly renewable resources are used in this product, including corn sugar. By reducing our petroleum dependency in this way, we can save roughly a gallon of gas for every seven square yards of SmartStrand Silk that we produce, as compared to the production of nylon carpet. Furthermore, this carpet is preferred, at a rate of roughly five to one, over other nylons that claim an ultimate softness.?

More than that, you?ll absolutely love the lifetime warranty that comes standard with this product. Be sure to ask about more details.