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SmartStrand Silk is the Ideal Choice for Seniors to Stay Mobile

Stay mobile with a safe floor covering that assists senior living, by making it easier to move about your own home. When it comes to freedom of movement, it's crucial to have a quality, non-slip flooring material that poses no hindrance to wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility devices, all while providing a comfortable, healthy, and inviting atmosphere.

Luckily, there's SmartStrand? Silk carpeting, a high-performance, soft flooring material that easily stands up to the multipurpose requirements of senior living spaces. If you're thinking about improving your flooring to better suit your everchanging needs, then stop by our Metro Flooring showroom, located in San Diego, CA, and explore our extensive variety of SmartStrand Silk.

Flooring Plays an Important Role for Seniors Who Live at Home
For seniors who live at home, loose carpeting or warped flooring can pose a serious fall hazard. Transition points between rooms, the areas where flooring meets other sections of flooring, often cause a problem for walkers and wheelchairs. Old, peeling floors can be dangerous, creating an unsafe environment for people with an unsteady gait. In essence, many things can hinder mobility when it comes to your floors, particularly as your strength and balance become an issue. Fortunately, a simple solution is to remove hazardous flooring materials and install safer options.

What Makes SmartStrand Silk Carpeting Ideal for Senior Living?

Increase Safety
Increase underfoot stability and traction with a textured surface, as carpets provide an ergonomically supportive environment, making it easier for seniors to move around their home. With the increase in underfoot stability, there's a significant drop in tripping, slipping, and falling. However, should a fall occur, carpeting lessens the severity of an injury or impact.

Improve Indoor Air Quality
Seniors with breathing difficulties will appreciate carpeting's ability to entrap airborne particles and allergens, retaining the various nuisances in its fibers, until they are removed during vacuuming.

Decrease Noise
Create a peaceful, soothing environment with SmartStrand Silk carpeting, since it decreases noise with its excellent sound absorption properties. When your home is less noisy, you're more relaxed and well-rested, able to interact and engage with friends and family.

Additional Comfort
The soft surface of a carpet absorbs light and reduces annoying, visual glare. Furthermore, this type of flooring material gives seniors a wonderful cushioning underfoot, reducing the leg fatigue that usually comes with surfaces that are harder to walk on.