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SmartStrand Silk Naturals: A Natural Choice for The Environment

The weight of the impact our day to day choices have on the environment are quickly becoming a top of mind issue for nearly everyone. There are few areas in our lives that remain unaffected by environmental concerns. Everything from the food we eat, to the car we drive is in some way connected to our impact on the world we live in. Your choice of flooring is no exception.

Most people want to do their best to live in as Eco-friendly way as possible, but sometimes making that choice isn't so cut and dry. Well, as far as flooring is concerned the choice is simple- SmartStrand? Silk Naturals carpeting.
SmartStrand Silk Naturals carpeting is far and away the most eco-friendly carpet on the market today. Made in large part from rapidly renewable corn sugars, this carpet uses far less petroleum based ingredients. That's not only good for the environment, but also lessens our dependence upon foreign oil concerns. In fact, for every seven yards of SmartStrand Silk carpeting produced, resources equal to one gallon of gasoline are saved. That's 10 million gallons of gasoline a year!

Furthermore, the production of SmartStrand Silk Naturals carpeting uses 30 percent less energy than an equal amount of nylon carpeting. This is about a 63% reduction in greenhouse gasses when compared to its less green competitors!

Perhaps the greatest advantage of SmartStrand Silk carpeting is it's stain fighting properties and overall durability. Since it lasts so much longer than other carpeting, it will need replacing less frequently. This means less carpeting piling up in landfills, and less overall production needed to fulfill the carpeting demands of consumers. Since the stain fighting abilities of the carpet are so effective, most stains can be cleaned with nothing more than a bit of water. This means less chemicals being used, and that's always a bonus, not only for the planet, but also your wallet!

Though it may not always be easy to know what choices are best for the environment in our increasingly complex world, at least in the arena of flooring the choice is simple. If have any questions, or are interested in learning more about this exciting new carpeting technology, we encourage you to call or visit our Metro Flooring showroom in San Diego. Our flooring experts would love to help you make a decision that's right for your budget and right for the environment as well.