SmartStrand Silk works well for every home

There are very few homes in which SmartStrand Silk will be anything less than amazing. It?s not just a gorgeous carpet, it has so many benefits, and you?ll hardly know where to start. For instance, it?s easily the softest carpet you may ever experience. With more fibers per strand than the leading nylon carpet, it?s absolutely luxurious to walk on and makes a perfect surface for toddlers, small children, and the elderly. Not only is the softness more comfortable for them, but it?s also less likely to allow falls or injuries from a fall.
As always, a soft flooring surface like SmartStrand Silk can add excellent noise reduction, especially between upper and lower levels of your home. Teenagers with upstairs bedrooms won?t be nearly as audible with this carpet in place. The same goes for any level on which your pets roam free, or where large family gatherings can cause voices and other noises to bounce from room to room.
SmartStrand Silk has a level of durability that easily outlasts the competition, with stain resistance made right into the fibers. Even some of the worst stain-causing spills won?t have a chance to soak into the fibers of your flooring so stains aren?t permanent, even if left in place for longer than you?d like. Along with better stain protection comes a better smelling carpet as well, because those same substances that cause stains can also harbor bacteria growth that easily turns into foul odors. But you won?t have to worry about that. What?s even better is that you don?t even have to reapply any harsh chemicals after a certain time, because this stain protection never wears off.
It?s not easy to take the plunge into the world of carpet if you?ve never experienced it before, but with SmartStrand Silk, it?s definitely worth the experiment. Warrantied for your protection and peace of mind, make sure you take advantage of our professional installation services to protect your investment. Our installers have an excellent working knowledge of carpet installation, so you never have to worry.
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