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The Benefits of Choosing SmartStrand Silk Carpet for Your Home

There is nothing quite as comforting and inviting as a carpeted home. That is why, at Metro Flooring, we'd love to introduce you to our one of a kind, easy to maintain, SmartStrand? Silk carpeting. With SmartStrand Silk, you can have a carpet that is both visually stunning and soil resistant. What could be better than that?

What Are Some Features of SmartStrand Silk Carpeting?
Are you wondering if SmartStrand Silk carpet is, in fact, the softest and most luxurious carpet on the market today? Well, it's true! Come on into our Metro Flooring San Diego, CA showroom, and we'll be glad to reveal just how true the rumors are. Typically, when carpeting is manufactured to be both durable and strong, fiber comfort is left out of the mix. Not in this case! See for yourself how SmartStrand Silk carpet possesses the features of a truly premium-grade luxury carpet and has several benefits you'll love, including elegance and comforting warmth.

Is it Troublesome to Clean SmartStrand Silk Carpeting?
As with other carpets, SmartStrand Silk carpets require regular vacuuming and basic care to keep it looking as good as new. Beyond that, minor spills, smudges, and accidents typically only need a wipe down with a damp, clean cloth. For bigger, more problematic messes, a simple mix of mild detergent and water will remove carpet soiling. Generally, SmartStrand Silk carpets can withstand soiling that would ruin other types of carpets, so grease, nail polish, oil, paint, or even animal related mishaps are a breeze to clean.

Is SmartStrand Silk Carpeting Really as Soft As it Looks?
Yes! At Metro Flooring, we'll show you just how smooth and silky, soft SmartStrand Silk carpeting is. Advanced technologies have melded both style and comfort into this exceptional flooring material. Homeowners no longer need to choose between durability, style, and comfort by opting for SmartStrand Silk carpet.