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The best options come in SmartStrand Silk

For carpet that truly gives you everything you want and need in a soft surface flooring, SmartStrand Silk really comes through. For even the most discerning homeowners, it offers benefits and options that make it the perfect complement to any decor scheme, with a lifespan you?ll appreciate too. The truth is, if you?re looking for a floor covering in this product line, this is the best place to start, for so many reasons.

One of the first things you?ll consider when purchasing carpet for your home is the softness. Of course, we?d all love the lushest, softest underfoot feel possible, but sometimes, we have other needs that supersede that. Maybe we have boisterous children in the home or a variety of pets. Maybe you have a lot of guests that travel across a small area of flooring.

The good news is, none of these things present a challenge for SmartStrand Silk. As one of the softest materials in carpet, it offers superb elegance underfoot, with more than twice the amount of silk-like fibers per strand. At the same time, instead of sacrificing durability for that kind of luxury, you get just as much as you could possibly desire in this particular floor covering.

With SmartStrand Silk, you don?t just get amazing underfoot softness and excellent durability, but you also get built-in stain protection too. This means even if spills and mishaps do happen, they have no chance at soaking into your flooring to create the permanent stains you might be fearful of. And that only works to extend the life of your carpet even further.

Metro Flooring knows that your floors are one of the most important aspects of your home. That?s why we not only offer an exceptional selection of flooring materials, but we pair it up with services that will help set it in place perfectly. Our trained and dedicated staff of associates are standing by to answer any questions that come up and can help get you matched with the perfect product for your needs, every time. Come visit us in San Diego, CA and let us get your flooring project started today!