Karastan flooring from Metro Flooring in San Diego, CA

The new hardwood is here?from Karastan

If you?ve spent much time researching flooring materials, you are likely familiar with the Karastan brand flooring. Known for flawless craftsmanship, intricate designs, and materials that are prized for their longevity, you?ll see why this is a perfect brand for your hard surface requirements as well.

Lots of versatility is available in Karastan flooring, including features that will truly make your spaces stand out at first sight. More than that, they?ll perform exactly as you need them to, no matter which area in which flooring is required. Read more to find out about their hardwood options.

Karastan flooring is right for you

Karastan hardwood seeks to rise above what you?ve come to expect from this hard surface flooring. Creating from nature?s very best, you?ll find out just how exotic European oak and maple can look. These materials are used by some of the world?s finest craftsmen and are now added to Karastan?s lineup of unsurpassed perfection.

Whether used for wine storage or high-end flooring, Ashmore and Chevreaux Oak add a touch of class that is unsurpassed in beauty and functionality. Villa Pointe Maple often used to craft the most impeccable stringed instruments in the world, features a compact grain pattern that adds individuality, no matter which rooms it adorns.

Taking what nature created, and then making it better, is what Karastan does. Now, they do it for you, in the form of luxury hard surface flooring that you?ll have to see and experience for yourself. Don?t miss the opportunity for your own home.

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