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The Smartest Choice in Carpet

If you?re looking for an exquisite carpet for your home, you can?t make a smarter decision than SmartStrand? Silk. Not only will you get the gorgeous beauty of Mohawk carpet, you?ll also get benefits that can?t be found in just any soft-surface flooring. From durability to stain resistance, you?ll soon see why this carpet is quickly rising to the top of every homeowner?s wish list. Once you find out all the details, it?s likely to be on yours too.

Metro Flooring has long been dedicated to the best possible customer service in the San Diego, CA area. When you stop by our showroom, located there, you?ll see why it really does make a difference where you choose to shop. We?ll make sure you have the best products at your disposal, and our professionally trained flooring staff will be on hand to help you make the most educated decision possible. Based upon your needs, preferences and budget range, we make sure you don?t leave empty handed.

SmartStrand? Silk is Truly One of a Kind

One of the main reasons many homeowners choose to avoid carpet all together, is the stains. That?s right, staining has long been seen as the number one enemy of carpet. But that?s where SmartStrand Silk seeks to change things. With stain protection built right into the carpet fibers themselves, you reap a dual benefits. First, you don?t have to worry about stains setting into your flooring. Second, you don?t have to worry about that stain protection wearing or washing off.

Once the worry over stains is put to rest, you?ll want to know about the durability of this floor covering. We are happy to assure you, few materials hold up like this one. After repeated foot traffic in some of the busiest homes, and many professional cleanings, SmartStrand Silk still looks like brand new flooring. The crush proof fibers can really stand up to anything your busy family can dish out.

But what about softness? You won?t be disappointed with this carpet, and you may even begin to look forward to getting home and getting barefoot. With three times more silk-like fibers per strand than regular carpet, this is by far one of the softest you?ll ever have the pleasure of walking on in your home.?For cleaning, we recommend daily or as-needed vacuuming, and a professional cleaning done every twelve to eighteen months.?