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The Three Best Applications for COREtec Waterproof Flooring

Many people are familiar with COREtec waterproof flooring as an outdoor flooring material. For many years, it was used exclusively outdoors in areas around pools, outdoor patios, in decorative gardens, and as decking material. Now, it has finally made its way into the house!

With new advances in its production, COREtec waterproof flooring is now able to perfectly mimic traditional hardwood styles, and this is great news for people who've always wanted to put hardwood flooring in some of the hardwood "no-go" zones of their homes. So, Metro Flooring decided to put together this quick list of places where COREtec can really shine indoors.

1. In the Basement

The great thing about COREtec waterproof flooring is, well, the fact that it is waterproof. That, combined with its ability to mimic hardwood flooring, makes it an excellent choice for the basement.

Your basement is one of the most dangerous places in the house for hardwood floors, due to the drastically increased chance of flooding from a number of sources. Seepage of water from the outdoors during high rains, burst pipes, or an out of control washing machine, could easily spell the end of a traditional hardwood floor. This makes why the basement is a prime candidate for COREtec.

2. Kitchen

Much like the basement, there are a lot of ways a hardwood floor can be damaged in the kitchen. Overflowing sinks, spilled food or drink, or even falling knives and heavy cooking utensils, are all factors that add up to one risky room for a hardwood floor.

Luckily, COREtec is the perfect way to deal with these hurdles. Easy to clean and extremely durable, this material has nothing to fear from the terrors of the kitchen.

3. The Bathroom

Whereas the kitchen and basement are merely dangerous for a hardwood floor, the bathroom is all but unthinkable! In the kitchen and bathroom there is a risk of water exposure, but in the bathroom, it is a guarantee. For those looking to capture the elegance and warmth of a hardwood floor in their bathroom, there is really no other sensible choice, aside from COREtec.

If you think you might like to learn more about this incredible flooring material, why not stop on in at our Metro Flooring showroom in San Diego, CA? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff of flooring experts is always on hand to demonstrate our products and answer any further questions that you may have.